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We are a global manufacturer of vehicle solutions with a passion for advancing vehicle technology.

Brad Chapple

EVP/GM Commercial Division

Brad Chapple is the Executive Vice President/General Manager of Stinger Commercial, a global manufacturer of vehicle technology. His division focuses on the design, manufacturing, and development of technology solutions that result in safer and more efficient commercial and Fleet lines. He has built a team, comprised of engineers, product managers, sales and marketing, to strategically position his division as a leader in the fleet and commercial industry.

Prior to Stinger Commercial, Brad was Co-Founder, CEO and President of Intraphex, a company that specialized in the development and manufacturing of in-vehicle safety and infotainment technology. Intraphex grew quickly and was acquired by Stinger in 2013.

Brad earned his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University. In his spare time, Brad likes to spend time with his family, attend his children’s sporting events, travel or enjoy his own personal hobby, flying general aviation airplanes.

Jason Noel

Vice President of Sales

Jason Noel, VP of Sales, oversees Stinger’s Commercial Sales Division. Jason’s Commercial Sales team, with his direction, help new and existing customers find the solutions they need to add new technology to Commercial and Fleet vehicles.

Jason brings over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry to Stinger, with a tenure of over 25 years in Stinger Sales.

Jason likes to spend his spare time boating in the Gulf of Mexico with his friends and family.

Ronald Miller

National Installation/Key Accounts Manager

Ron Miller, Stinger Commercial’s National Installation/Key Accounts Manager, runs our National Installer Database and handles many Stinger Commercial Accounts.

Prior to Stinger, Ron was with Nagy Fleet for over 25 years. Once Stinger acquired Nagy Fleet in 2019, Ron joined the Commercial Sales Team as an Account Manager.

Steve Gress

Sales Representative

Steve Gress services our OEM, fleet, and RV accounts as a sales representative for Stinger Commercial. With 22 years of experience in the sales industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his accounts to help new and existing customers find the solutions they need to add new technology to their vehicles.

In his spare time Steve enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, fishing, and jamming out to a classic on vinyl LP with his record player.

David Lopez

Fleet Installation Sales Manager

David Lopez is the Fleet Installation Sales Manager for Stinger Commercial, where he’s responsible for overseeing the entire installation process from installation sales quoting, FAI’s, creation of install manuals, vehicle validation to dispatch and management of inhouse and 3rd party installation teams to get the jobs done. David has more than 25 years of experience in the mobile electronic, fleet & telematics industries.

When David’s not helping upfit the latest technology on the fleets of tomorrow, he enjoys playing green thumb, in his pepper garden and spending time with his family, especially with his grandson, who has reignited his drive and determination.

Donald Zaney

Vice President of Product Development

Don Zaney is the Vice President of Product Development for the Commercial Division of Stinger, where he is responsible for establishing the strategy to develop the newest in automotive technology with his team of product managers and engineers.

Don has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. Prior to Stinger, Don was a co-founder of the in-vehicle safety and infotainment technology company Intraphex. The company grew quickly and was acquired by Stinger Solutions in 2013.

Before Intraphex, Don worked with the Azentek/Microsoft group to incorporate computer technology into vehicles.

How did Don get started in automotive technology? In 1995, he started working in custom design and fabrication to upfit vehicles with custom solutions using the newest technology available – he even upfitted a few celebrity vehicles! Don has continued to work on developing innovative and forward-thinking technology solutions.

When Don is not leading his team to develop advanced automotive technology solutions, he enjoys Jeeping all over the US and spending time with his family.

Aileen Alhambra

Senior Product Manager

Aileen Alhambra is the Senior Product Manager of Stinger Commercial. Aileen’s team focuses on engineering innovative solutions for safer and more efficient Fleet and Commercial lines.

During her tenure at Stinger, Aileen built an FMVSS 111 Compliance Testing Center to ensure that our products developed for Commercial and Fleet are compliant with government standards.

Prior to Stinger, Aileen was an Electrical Engineer for Rosen Electronics where her main focus was developing advanced mobile entertainment, CAN Bus interfaces, and navigation systems.

Aileen earned her bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from California Polytechnic University.

Tony Tassillo

Senior Product Manager

Tony Tassillo is the Senior Product Manager for the Commercial Division bringing in over 25 years of automotive industry experience into his role. Tony’s main focus is on OEM integration and custom harness solutions.

At Stinger, Tony has contributed to many flagship aftermarket integration products such as AmpPRO, RadioPRO, camera interfaces and navigation unlock solutions.

Prior to joining Stinger, Tony was an enlisted member of the US Army. He is also MECP Master Certified and remains one of only 169 individuals in the US to earn this certification.

When Tony is not working on leading-edge automotive solutions, he loves to go camping with his family or off-roading on one of his many Jeep adventures.

Bennet Fisher

Commercial Product Manager

Bennet Fisher, Commercial Product Manager at Stinger, develops custom harnessing and safety solutions for Fleet and commercial vehicles.

With over 22 years in the automotive electronic industry, and 15 years in the Fleet industry, Bennet brings a wealth of knowledge to building custom solutions that streamline and standardize installation services.

Prior to Stinger, Bennet was with Nagy Fleet. Once Stinger acquired Nagy Fleet in 2019, he joined the Commercial Sales Team as an Account and Product Manager.

When Bennet is not designing and developing custom Fleet solutions, he enjoys racing sport bikes, woodworking/fabrication, and spending time with his family.

James Stanton

Production Manager

Jim Stanton is the Production Manager at Stinger overseeing a team of wire harness development and assembly specialists, and quality control experts.

Prior to Jim’s Production Manager role, he was the Quality Manger – overseeing all element, functional, and environmental testing of wire harness solutions.

Jim holds multiple ISO certifications including ISO 9001: 2008 RABQSA-AU Auditor certification, ISO 9001:2008 RABQSA-QM Quality Management certification, and ISO 9001:2008 RABQSA-TL Lead Auditor certification.

Outside of work, Jim is a published author. In his free time, he loves spending time with his family and playing in bands.

Melody Stanton

Wire Harness Assembly Designer

Melody Stanton is the Wire Harness Assembly Designer for Stinger. Melody contributes to all steps included in the wire harness design and development process, including developing CAD drawings and procuring materials.

She also supports sales in the process by aiding in custom quotes, providing lead times, and intaking customer purchase orders.

With Melody’s background in large board harness production and ISO certifications, she is a key component to developing custom wire harnessing solutions.

When Melody is not designing the next innovative harness solution, she enjoys drawing, painting, and spending time with her family and rescue dog, Happy.

David Kaplachinski

Director of Wire Harness Production

David has an expansive background in the electronics industry, including custom cable harness fabrication, spanning 26 years.

He is an Air Force Veteran whose background includes maintaining the communications system that supports the fighter wing which protected Air Force One for President Clinton.

In his current role, he not only oversees all operations in our Elkhart facility, but he also assists with machine repair and maintenance, building of harnesses on the production floor and even helps make local deliveries to local customers.

David is a dedicated Notre Dame Football fan! He also enjoys time with his family and working on projects at home.

Our Promise

We are there for you, every mile, every trip, every day.


From conception to launch, quality and durability are key pillars of our development process.


We understand the challenges of operating in harsh environments, and develop solutions tailored to your individual and unique needs.


We go above and beyond with ongoing driver support and product warranty.

About us

We are a Global Manufacturer of Vehicle Solutions with a Passion for Advancing Vehicle Technology
We believe that every Fleet should have the right tools to be successful. We create tools and design solutions to help large and small Fleet Managers protect and manage their Fleet.

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