Dual-Source Live Streaming Dash Camera

SKU: 19421450

Available at Chevrolet Dealerships

For Next Generation 2019+ Light Duty Chevrolet Silverado Trucks

Built with towing in mind, this system includes side blind spot cameras, a wireless trailer camera and an integrated smart graphical user interface. The smart graphical user interface is integrated into the factory screen and automatically activates cameras based on driver behavior – left and right turn signals, placing the vehicle in reverse. Manual camera activation is also available using the touch screen controls.

While towing in Silverado trucks, the driver is presented with significant blind spot areas when driving, parking, and reversing. This system provides visibility into those blind spots to help improve the driver’s situational awareness, enabling a safer and more informed driving experience.

Factory Match Mirror Caps

The proprietary mirror caps or pods, to house the high definition blind spot cameras, were engineered to match the factory side mirror color and texture. The camera housing will seamlessly integrate into the vehicle’s side mirrors to provide more visibility into those blind spots without adding any additional bulk to the vehicle.

Smart Graphical User Interface

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) was designed to have the same look and feel as the Next Generation 2019+ Light Duty Silverado Trucks’ factory head unit. This intuitive GUI allows manual activation of all cameras, plus a split and multi-view screen option.

Intellihaul 2.0 Trailering Camera System Features:

  • High Definition Side Blind Spot Cameras
  • Factory Matched Side Mirror Caps
  • Analog High Definition Wireless Trailer Camera
  • Cameras Display on Factory Screen
  • Driver Activated Cameras: Reverse, Left and Right Turn Signals, or Front (if installed)
  • Smart Graphical User Interface (GUI) – Integrated into
  • Factory Radio
  • GUI Touch Screen Controls
  • Multi-Camera Views Available
  • 4 Video Inputs
  • Adding this system to your vehicle Will Not Void the Factory Warranty


Each system includes:

  • 2 Side 720p Blind Spot Cameras
  • 2 Factory Matched Side Mirror Caps (color black) for Light Duty/Pods for Heavy Duty
  • AHD Wireless Trailer Camera
  • Smart Module
  • Integration and Installation Accessories

Optional Customizing Add-ons

The Intellihaul 2.0 Trailering Camera System can support four cameras. The system includes two side blind spot cameras and a wireless trailering camera. You can add one additional camera to the system to customize it for your use – either a Front Camera or second Wireless Trailer Camera.

Front Camera

The optional front camera was designed to mount to the truck’s front grill or bumper. The HD camera contains a Sony IMX 225 Sensor and provides a 170° viewing angle.

The camera can be set up to automatically activate based on driver speed or manually activated by the integrated touch screen GUI.

Wireless Trailer Camera

A high definition Wireless Trailer Camera is included in the Intellihaul 2.0 Trailering Camera System. You also have the ability to add a second Wireless Trailer Camera if you choose.

The Wireless Trailer Camera includes a 2.4g Wireless AHD Camera and Receiver. Instead of grabbing power from the vehicle, the camera will hardwire to the trailer light for power. The camera can provide an automatic behind-trailer view when backing up or on demand anytime using the integrated touch screen GUI.

  • Must have IOS/IOT infotainment system
  • Not compatible with IOR infotainment systems
  • Not compatible with UVS – HD Surround Vision with Two Trailer View Camera Provisions
  • To verify the “IO” RPO code on your vehicle, check the glove compartment or spare tire well for a silver sticker with these codes. If this sticker is not present, you must scan the QR code on the GM label found in the driver’s door jamb. The RPO codes will be listed in alphabetical order in either scenario.

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