All-In-One Dash Cam & Fleet Tracker

Dual-Source Live Streaming Dash Camera


The first comprehensive automotive technology solution that provides continuous connection to your vehicle and its driver.  Provides LTE-connected telematics, fully connected video, AI-enhanced sensor platform, all in a sleek, single device.

Dual HD dash camera with live-streaming video

Real-time critical event detections and alerts

Turn-key vehicle monitoring and asset tracking

Two camera video recording (interior and forward-facing) with option to turn off interior camera

Possible impact or event notification

Tamper and camera disconnected alert

Geofencing – enter or exiting notification

Always on design with battery rundown protection

On-screen vehicle information

Trip history with video replay in the web and mobile application

Web and mobile applications supported

Unauthorized tamper and power disconnect notification

Audio Streaming (on/off) enables audio from the camera embedded microphones when streaming live or historical video footage in the Web App

4G/LTE data transmission for instant notification of events and live video streaming

Plug and play OBD II installation with ECM data for J1979 and soon, *J1939 *feature coming soon

1GB per month per camera is bundled in the Monthly Subscription Charge; for monthly usage of more than 1GB per month per camera a onetime $10 per 1GB monthly per camera will be applicable

DCRCAM1 Installation Manual